2013. February update.

Update: February donation goes to the British Heart Foundation - see below. 

Such a long time since the last time I've posted on this blog! I am pretty sure that this blog is only read by recruiters looking for my email address, but this should not stopping me from posting about the things I care about ...

It's this time of year, my very favourite time of the year. January. The peer-pressure induced craziness of NYE, the emptiness of a year coming to an end, the shallowness of over-indulging Christmas break (sorry, never been fond of Xmas).. all that stuff is over. And now we can make space for this vaste, almost virginal field of possibilities that is, the New Year.

Every year we hope that it will be better than the previous one. I guess that's what makes us wake up every day and actually do things.

I feel like I have greater hopes for this year. Maybe a sign of my greater age too.

As usual, I have a long list of resolutions, or as I prefer to call them, objectives or projects.

One of them is to be a better person. And this is what I want to share with you, dear recruiter, so as to make a pledge that I will be indeedly working toward this goal and this, throughout the whole year of 2013 (year of luck it shall be).

Today I've donated to Luleki Sizwe, thank to Fiona Sally Millers who raised my little awareness to this cause, and the fight against corrective rape in South Africa.

I pledge to be a better person and help this world to be a better place, whether I can spare time, energy or money to do so. The latter will be on a monthly basis.

I pledge to be a happier and more caring person in 2013, to help this world to be a better place as much as my little self can do.

Watch this space x

January - Donated to Luleki Sizwe, to help fighting against corrective rape in South Africa.

February - Donated to the British Heart Foundation through the sponsor of my friend Alexa's London to Brighton night ride. Go and support her!


Just saying....


Trimbal - Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)

Trimbal - Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)
written and produced by James Blake
vocals written and performed by Trim


Worst Twitter Biography - part one

Ho Hai! 

Once again, I've been neglecting my own personal blog in favour of professional and extra curriculum activities.  

I'm back to day to share with you, LOLcats, something that has been cracking me up for a while: 

Every time I've been to kick off a new twitter account for mkt/promotion purpose, I had to enjoy the wonders of twitters directories and ultimately, get a good dose of the most ridiculous twitter biog some smart people can write in 140 chars. 

Here's a first batch of my favourites : 

#1 It is my mission to provide the world's best strategies that enable businesses and ordinary people to profit and experience extraordinary results! 

Glad somebody with super powers is here to help ordinary people. @superman? 

#2 Design every moment you can live, because at the end your book will become your life

I somehow hope we're not talking about 50 shades of grey 

#3 Digital Media and Social Web Evangelist, Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist and Consultant, Speaker and Trainer, Who Loves Technology.   

Where the hell does he find the time to do all that stuff?? !? !? And love tech on the top of that. 

#3 I Don't Settle. I help you create a life you don't want to escape from by performing at your peak. Your life matters. My wife's lover. My Father's son. Father. 

Insert more muscles. 


New Build & The 2 Bears @ Corsica Studio

The flatmate and I got so excited about that night on Friday that we got relatively smashed on Thursday. As a result I drew bears for the two bears:


Jesus, the plumber and the smartass

I've always had a fascination for clever people. Clever men, ok, fine I put this one out there (Obviously, I would not fall for dumbasses, this is kind of common sense). Beyond questioning my criteria in matters of picking men, I always found intrinsically fascinating the concept lying being cleverness.

A long time ago, back at school in prépa, we were to study the topic of beliefs in philosophy class. If you take aside the case of religion (but let me get back on this one at some point), an interesting case of secular belief is the importance that we give to specific people, our equals in other terms, but with a much superior knowledge for one specific subject.

These "ones" are the preceptors in their own fields, the experts. Knowledge being power, the experts therefore also hold a certain amount of leverage against non-experts.

To put it in a nutshell, that leverage situation comes when the plumber says your boiler is dead and you have to pay him the equivalent of half your rent if you ever want to take a hot shower ever again, and there's nothing you can do about it. You're screwed, but somehow you are totally thankful to that skilled and smelly (sorry) dude for sorting your life out before you really get too late for work. .

Despite the unfairness of the relationship normal people have with them, experts are highly perceived in our societies. I have been amused (insert euphemism here) by the way some of them, in the social media types of fields, even call themselves gurus (when did it become cool for a grownup to make a reference to the likes of Charles Manson and co?) or evangelists (err.. swollen head much?).

Here we are, with that kind of auto-claims the religious metaphor gets back in the game, even for the most secular things such as marketing research.

If I would be to explain expertise in a simplified, quasi-mathematical and certainly non-religous form, I'd say it an unevenly spread of knowledge amongst a circle of people, where people holding quite a sensible amount of knowledge for a specific subject would trade it for another specific type of knowledge (via the handy use of cashinsky). Handy, fair (well, only if you add a even rule of offer and demand kinda thing), idealistically perfect. In this utopia, would we love or hate the experts?

In real life, we love and hate them, yeah at the same time. Because of the non-mathematically unfairness of expertise: the expertise is not only built on the knowledge that is held by A.N.Expert, but also built on a fair amount of the other's belief that this guy is being the expert (whether it's true or not). Let me explain: if nobody had believed that Jesus was turning smelly water into yummy booze, then whatever he was doing, no one would be giving a monkey about it.

So basically the expertise is both specific knowledge behold by Mister the expert, and the knowledge (or perception) created by the crowds' belief into that same person's capacity to master that specific domain. Now the question, would you prefer to be a happy fool (obsessed by that clever hot date or that smartypants plumber) or would you pay the price and be a cynic, safe from any of these amateurs and other rip-off?


WANTED Freelance Illustrator

We're looking for a young, freshly graduated illustrator to help with a really cool project!

The agency: London-based digital design consultancy offering an integrated approach to user insight, service strategy and experience design.

Duties: To illustrate approx 180 rules and scenarios in the field of sport, to be used to support an editorial project. The rules cross a range of sports; some simple dimensions and others showing a 'how to...' sequence of a sports person in action for example.

Style should be simple line drawings, black and possibly spot colour.

Requirements: Strong figurative illustrations skills, line drawing, simple, minimalist. We are not looking for a strong stylised approach. It is likely the finished size will be around A5-A6 and some smaller.

Applicants should provide a link to previous work or portfolio

Hours: negotiable

Salary: negotiable (meets Minimum Wage requirements)

To apply: Please email a portfolio or a link to previous work to steph@wilsonfletcher.com

We need to see work that demonstrates your ability to fit the required style. Successful applicants will be shortlisted, and provided a more detailed brief. Fees will be negotiated at this stage.

Work needs to be completed by mid-January

Closing date: Friday 2 December 2011